ACW is a proud partner with the Act Belong Commit programme.

We uphold the values of Act, Belong Commit in the following ways:

ACT – Members are active in attending rehearsals, learning music, attending educational opportunities and performing, and all members are strongly encouraged to take on roles within the chorus – from casual offers of help to more structured administration and leadership roles.

BELONG – As members of the chorus everybody is needed to create our music. ACW fosters a strong sense of belonging as all our members are important and valued. ACW is also a part of the larger music/barbershop/a cappella community and has strong ties with a number of other organisations locally and internationally.

COMMIT – We ask all members to commit to learning music, working on their personal vocal development and we encourage them to reach performance standard so that they can sign up for public performances or contests where possible. Members are encouraged to volunteer in many different capacities, and all assistance is welcomed, appreciated and acknowledged.

ACW Partners with Act, Belong Commit