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Chorus Planning

ACW Mindmap

A “big picture” view of the chorus, by Jo & Lindsey:



2021 AGM Minutes & Docs

2020 AGM Minutes & Docs

2019 AGM Minutes

2018 AGM Minutes

2017 AGM Minutes

Management Team Minutes


Being a Buddy to Prospective Members

Thank you so much for being an ACW buddy.  To give you some guidance please note the following.  Should you have any further queries or issues please ask Membership (Moira) or the Directors.

Prospective members are mostly very keen. The typically want to join in with everything as soon as possible.  They are however not ACW members until they have auditioned , been ‘voted in’ by the chorus and have paid their SAI fees, so they are not able to enjoy full membership benefits until then.

Music– prospective members may ONLY receive their 2 audition songs which are currently “ How We Sang”  and “California Dreaming” .  They can access these by going to

Go to membership and this will drop down to “auditionees”

The password is ACWjoin1

The chorus receives an on the spot fine of $15,000 if copyright is breached on our music. Please do not email them any other songs.

Prospective members may borrow pink music files at rehearsal BUT may not take these home ( Copyright again- see above) . Buddies should return these to Fran at the end of rehearsals.

Westlink – Prospective members do not receive Westlink  ( please do not forward it to them)

All Members and Voice part email groups and our social network page  – Prospective members may not join these  group until they are full members.

Audition – new members mostly do their audition in 2 parts on week 4,5 or 6. Please let a Director know when your auditionee has attended 5 times ( or 4 if they are ready). We encourage you to practise with the ladies in small groups at the end of rehearsals.

Yours in Harmony

Lindsey, Jo  and Moira

Notification of Leave

Going away for a while?  Need to take some time off?  Please let the chorus know by using the form below:


Donation Request_Letter

Team Management – Other

Chorus Standing Rules ACW Standing Rules – April 2013 Team Job Descriptions

Team Coordinator (Annette Connolly-Dyer)

Primary Responsibility
Responsible for actively supporting the function of the A Cappella West Management Team by conducting regular meetings, achieving agreement as required and ensuring continuity of matters arising; Provide support, encouragement, feedback and recognition to the Team Coordinator’s team members specifically, and chorus members in general; Produce weekly articles for the Westlink so as to keep all members informed of team decisions and planned events; Responsible for updates to Standing Rules including ratification by the chorus and the Team Coordinator of the Regional Management Team; Responsible for updating director’s contracts and job descriptions for Team Members on an annual basis; Appoint a Nominating Committee for the purpose of conducting elections at a chorus, regional and international level; Liaise with director  and management and music teams in ensuring the accuracy of all information relayed to chorus members and outside sources; Approve payments raised by the Finance Coordinator; Ensure that visiting coaches, special guests and significant achievements are acknowledged by the chorus; Available to listen to team and members’ concerns; Establish community contacts for performances Convention Coordinator – Regional and International Chorus registration Member registrations Member accommodation Liaison between International/Region and chorus/director/Management team Convention Information Booklet for members
Grant Writing TeamOversee grant applications; Facilitate process and gather information; Central point of contact; and Report activities to the Team Coordinator for approval by the Management Team
Hospitality TeamProvide refreshments for members following each rehearsal; Ensure that guests at each rehearsal are invited to share the chorus’ hospitality; Ensure that monies collected at each rehearsal are passed on to the Finance Coordinator; Refreshments to be purchased at reasonable cost with dockets provided to Deb Ward who will arrange reimbursement on a weekly turnaround; Organise supper and housekeeping roster
Health and SafetyRiser safety Hall safety, emergency procedures, torches, first aid kit, hand sanitizer
Social TeamSource fundraising and social event ideas Present proposals to MGT for approval Plan and organise events

Events Coordinator

Primary Responsibility
In conjunction with teams below, assist in sourcing of venues for chorus performances, workshops and retreats; communicating with director/s as to the suitability of venues for each event; Front of house (logistics incl. venue, catering, transport of risers and members, tickets) planning and implementing performances, workshops and retreats in consultation with directors; Confirming director’s availability for performances; Liaising with Finance Coordinator to ensure viability of all events. Assessing chorus interest in planned events; encouraging members to use the sign-up facility Coordinate performance/gig bookings and solicit new opportunities. Maintain relationships with regular clients. Confirming performance details with venue/event contact; Encouraging members to attend performances and workshops; Establish community contacts for performances OVERSEES: Catering Team               Catering; Tickets and Ushering Riser Team                     Organising transport of Risers when required; riser transport     Retreat/Workshop Team Music Festival Team Show Team (in conjunction with Music Team) Venue Research and Liaison Team

Finance Coordinator (Gayle McInnes)

This position is an appointed position with expressions of interest being sought prior to AGM. Appointment of approved person to be ratified by Director and Management Team.

Primary Responsibility
Collecting, reporting and banking cash and other payments from chorus members and others Payment and reporting of approved purchases and/or reimbursement of approved expenses Payment of approved international payments with Paypal (generally for international coaches) Development of the chorus budget and financial plan for each financial year Monthly reporting to the management team and attendance at the management team meetings Review of book-keeping and related accounts. The day to day book-keeping is done by the data entry assistant, Annette H Finalising of the end of financial year reports and accounts, and organisation of the annual audit Provide a statement of chorus financial position at AGM Insurances including public liability, equipment, professional liability, voluntary workers personal accident. This role ideally suits someone with an accounting/book-keeping background, but this is not a requirement. You will need to be organised to be successful in this role.

Membership Coordinator (Janet Hoskings & Wendy Williams)

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for membership retention, the management and coordination of new members, allocation of mentors, auditions, birthdays and celebrations, membership records, leave/resignations/transfers including registration of these with SAI and Region 34;
  • Provide support, encouragement, feedback and recognition to membership team members specifically, and chorus members in general;
  • Communicate changes in memberships to administrators of all ACW web contact lists, HUB  and costuming
  • Organise membership drives when requested by directors;
  • Collect and report exit data.

Prospective Members & Visitors Tasks

  • Respond to email / phone enquiries about membership
  • Welcome prospective members, document details and provide name tag;
  • Arrange voice testing of prospective member with the Director;
  • Arrange for prospective member to be given music at rehearsal (Fran Harding);
  • Introduce prospective member to buddy, section leaders, chorus;
  • Maintain Prospective Member spreadsheet;
  • Ensure prospective membership fee is paid weekly; 
  • Provide prospective members with support, information, music and tracks for auditioning.
  • Be a contact and Q&A for visitors

Membership Retention Tasks

  • Help visitors with basic Q & A.
  • Attendance Register oversight & support Meet’n’Greet Team (Marg Baker, Ann Davies, Jill O)
  • Monitor people who are on sick and/or long-term leave or not attending and notify them of any issues relating to good standing.
  • Inform the chorus via Westlink of ‘news’ – births, deaths, marriages, and special events/celebrations. Organise cards for major milestones / illnesses. 
  • Ensure birthday cards presented at rehearsal. (Sandra Nair)
  • Track membership anniversaries – organise and present pins and badges.

 Technical Skills Required: 

  • Excel spreadsheet – basic level (or willing to learn)
  • Email & logging on to SAI ACW membership records
  • Word document – basic level

This is a well supported and self-contained role which generally takes a few hours every week. It requires prompt response to phone and email enquiries. MC supplies information, audition music and guidance for prospective members through to full ACW membership. This role requires regular early attendance at rehearsals to meet and greet prospective members. It requires ongoing maintenance of membership, enquiry and auditionee lists. It requires detailed attention in tracking auditionee progress, information sent & upcoming member milestones. You will be required to attend and provide a very brief report tp Management meetings (every 4-5 weeks and to the AGM.

Communications Coordinator (Alison Hamersley)

Primary Responsibility
Responsible for actively supporting the function of the A Cappella West Management Team by recording and documenting management decisions, and ensuring information reported at meetings is forwarded to Management Team in a timely manner; and posted on The Hub Keep members and public informed of coming events; Post performance sheets to members; Produce and forward articles for newspaper and magazine publication;in conjunction with PR and Marketing Coordinator  Maintain newsletter
Photography & History Karin Alteruthemeyer, Dale Tiernan, Joanna Milan, Jan Power, Susan George, Aimee Dunjey, Mark HamersleyKeep a photographic record of chorus events; Email photos for uploading to website; Print some photos for history album; Maintain history archives online and real
Website Karin AlteruthemeyerCreate and maintain website; Update material as requested by Management Team; Report activities to the Communications Coordinator for approval by the Management Team.
WestlinkCreate and maintain newsletter; Solicit and manage contributions by Management Team and members; Update material as requested by Management Team; Report activities for approval by the Management Team.

eGazette Create and maintain newsletter on a regular basis. Gig Guides Create with liaison with Director/Assistant Directors

PR/Marketing Coordinator (Catherine Mercer)

Primary responsibilities

  • Plan marketing strategies to support chorus performances and fundraising activities.
  • Coordinate projects that arise from ideas generated by the Director, and Events team  or obtained from the wider chorus membership.
  • Organise photographs of the chorus for use in promotions. Upload all chorus photos to the chorus’ Google Drive folder
  • Coordinate the design and production of chorus-branded materials such as letterhead, business cards, brochures, and badges, clothing 
  • Produce flyers and other materials to support chorus activities 
  • Prepare media releases and distribute them to media outlets. 

Liaise with Director and Events team and management team prior to publishing materials, to ensure their clarity, accuracy and appropriateness

  • For membership drives, liaise with the Membership Coordinator.
  • For event promotions, liaise with the Events Coordinator 
  • For general chorus promotions, liaise with the Team Coordinator and/or Musical Director.

Create chorus surveys as directed by the Management Team and/or Musical Director, to gather feedback. Compile/analyse results and provide data to the Management Team Wherever possible, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies that have been used by the chorus, e.g. find out how people heard about the show/event, collect data via booking website or at ticket sales desk at events, or conduct surveys.

  • Prepare monthly reports for Management Team meetings and an annual report for the AGM. 

Ideal Attributes

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including a solid understanding of grammar
  • A high level of attention to detail
  • The ability to plan ahead and meet deadlines
  • An understanding of the chorus brand and the image the chorus would like to portray
  • An ability to work with other team members and oversee a support team
  • Familiarity with MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, or other design software (or an ability to work closely with a person to whom you will delegate design tasks)

Music Team and Visual Team

PositionPrimary Responsibility
Section Leaders & Assistant DirectorsAssisting director musically and administratively; Assist director in sourcing, planning and implementing musical aspects of performances, workshops and retreats; Checking and communicating voice balance of signed up members for performances; Updating section e-membership; Monitoring member needs at a sectional level Advising director of musical needs of members
Coaching Coordinator Annette ConnollyContacting and securing local, national and international coaches; Managing contracts, logistics and coordinating with Finance for payment of coaches.
Copyright Controller Joanna MilanPurchasing music; Arranging copyright through APRA – AMCOS; Recording purchased music / Maintaining copyright database
Visual TeamTeam of members overseen by the Director who (a) create and (b) teach visual plans for songs at the request of the Director.
Show TeamCoordinating group where members represent the following teams: Show scripting team Visual team Costume team Make-up team

Grant Documents

Standard Lottery application kit (2) Standard Lotteries pamphlet

Other Documents

Certificate of Incorporation

Chapter Guide May 2021

Music Team

2021 New Risering – Music Excellence Program

Music Excellence Program

Music Services

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Coaching Agreement template

Music Copyright

Recording Licences






Count On Me  170317

Count On Me copyright clearance licence 50% 060917





Old Piano Roll Blues (the) copyright 210317


Paint Your Wagon 16092021

quiet-please_licence-003010-25112016 Roar Firework Medley licence Hal Leonard – Firework 41.65 % The Lion Sleeps Tonight 100% Roar 85% Roar Firework Medley LICENCE signed ACW 003868



Time After Time licence agreement 140217

Witchcraft -50%- 250817

Witchcraft 50% Devirra 191017

In The Wee Small Hours LICENCE signed ACW 003872

Wee Wee Wee Exercise




christmas-is-a-feeling-15102015; christmas-is-a-feeling-23102015





santa-baby-27102015; santa-baby-50-06102015

Visual Team

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Costume & Makeup

Stella Diamante Transfer Instructions

What you need:

  • Stella Diamante transfer. The white protective backing will be removed before ironing
  • A black T-Shirt (see below)
  • Iron
  • (Optional – pressing cloth or tea-towel if you’re concerned about burning the T-Shirt)
  • (Optional – Baking paper if you have a thin t-shirt)

READ all instructions before starting.

For a video outlining the transfer procedure go to this link


This T-Shirt will be used in performances so is required to have a uniform appearance throughout the chorus. So we request…

  • Black;
  • Options of round neck, crew neck, slightly round, mid-scoop, mid-V
  • (deep scoops and Vs are not suitable, resulting with Stella placed too low)
  • Short/Cap Sleeve.
  • Take a scrap piece of paper shopping with you measuring 15cm square as a placement guide when purchasing. Centre of the square to be centre of your chest.


  • It’s best to wear the T-Shirt to determine the height placement for Stella, either in a mirror or with the aid of a friend. Holding the transfer piece on your chest place a pin in the T-Shirt at the same height of the top edge of the transfer plastic. Place pin close to the right or left top corner; not directly in the middle, as the T-Shirt will need to be folded in half in the next step.
  • As a general guide, Stella is to be placed generally in the centre front of your chest, just like any other branded or graphic t-shirt. While looking at the front of a shirt, Stella’s outstretched arm will point directly to the right underarm seam junction on most t-shirt styles.

Diamante Preparation

  • Gently fold the plastic of the diamante transfer in half side to side and – just at the very top and bottom of the plastic (sticky) carrier sheet – mark the centre points with your fingertips, or mark with a pen if required.
  • On the ironing board, press a visible fold line down the centre front of the T-Shirt.
  • With the diamante transfer face-down on a stable flat surface, peel the white backing off the clear sticky sheet ensuring the diamantes stay on the clear sheet with their grey glue side exposed.
  • Resist pulling straight up, instead fold and slide the white sheet directly back on itself.

Ironing Procedure

The aim is to heat the diamante design enough to melt the adhesive glue on their base and to press that heated glue into the t-shirt so that when it is cooled it bonds with the fabric.

  • Set your iron to Cotton/Linen/Jeans. i.e. Hot
  • (Optional) – If the fabric of your T-shirt is thin, the glue might seep through and to the back side. If you’re concerned about this, place some baking paper inside the T-shirt between front and back.
  • Align the clear transfer plastic, with the pretty side of the diamantes facing up, to the shirt, centre marks of the plastic aligned to the ironed fold-line and the top edge to the height placement pin. The sticky plastic sheet will ensure the design stays in place on the shirt whilst being ironed
  • Firmly PRESS the iron onto the plastic and gems and HOLD for a count of roughly 10. Be careful not to p iron side to side as this may cause the gems to move position
  • (Optional) – If you are worried the fabric of your shirt will burn with such a long pressing time, lay a tea-towel or other scrap cloth over the shirt to add protection. This will increase the ironing time a little.)
  • Move the iron to another area of the transfer, press and hold for a count of 10.
  • Continue to press and hold in different areas until the whole design has been pressed and is hot. Press every area at least twice
  • Allow to cool slightly before moving.
  • Turn the t-shirt over or inside out and press the design from the reverse side to fully heat the glue. Pay special attention to the more solid areas of Stella, i.e. the centre of her body and legs. Use the tip of the iron for this
  • Allow to cool completely to allow the glue to set. Around 10 minutes
  • When completely cool, slowly peel back the clear sticky transfer sheet. Again, resist pulling upward and instead sliding the clear sheet directly back on itself.
  • Watch ALL areas of the sheet as it peels off the diamantes to ensure they all remain stuck on the shirt. If they start to peel off, gently replace the transfer sheet and repeat the press and cool procedure.

Click Here For A Video of How to Apply ACW Makeup

Click Here to Download this Makeup List Revised July 2019

PrimerRimmelStay Matte Primer
FoundationAustralisStayput FoundationGolden Tan
Pancake MakeupSupplied by Chris
BronzerRimmelNatural BronzerSun Bronze
Eye ShadowRevlon500 Addictive
Eye Pencil/Eye LinerAny BrandBlack
MascaraAny BrandVery Black
Lip DefinerFace of AustraliaRuby Red
LipstickMaybelline645 Red Revival

Pink Lipsticks to go with Pink Shirts:MAYBELLINE Colour Drama Pencil – No.150 Fuschia Desire ($9.95) Can be used as lipstick. Will need to use a make-up sharpener. Stockists: Chemist Warehouse, Target, Priceline REVLON Colour Stay Lipliner – Fuschia ($22.95) Thin propelling pencil for outlining lips, for use with lipstick. Stockists: Chemist Warehouse, Target, Priceline COVERGIRL Lipstick – No. 325 Spellbound ($16.95? Stockists: Big W, Target, Priceline CHI CHI Lipstick – Trolley Dolly ($18.95) Stockist: Target only (possibly Myer but out of stock when checked) L’OREAL Lipstick – No. 130 Enduring Berry ($24.95) More expensive option if all above not available Stockists: Chemist Warehouse (other L’Oreal stockists may have it)


  • Any primer can be used, but must be used after moisturiser and before foundation.
  • Original Maybelline Eye Shadow has been discontinued, Revlon alternative is the nearest colour match
  • If “Face of Australia – Ruby Red” lip definer is hard to find, any other red pencil to tone in with Maybelline Red Revival lipstick is OK.

Contact Chris B if you have any queries.